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The Blessings of Retreating

Sometimes retreating from the world to a place of serenity, beauty, and holiness is just what you need. Of course this place is Clear Creek Monastery, our "home away from home!" A lovely group of ladies from Lindsay and Muenster, Texas did just that at the first of the month. What a blessed time we had!

Together we enjoyed participating in the horarium, or schedule of prayers of the monks, just relaxing in the holiness of the monastery, eating the delicious meals lovingly prepared by Kim Marie, the oh so hospitable hostess of Bethany House, and of course purchasing beautiful spiritual goodies from the monastery bookstore.

And after the purchase of all your items, a blessing is offered over them. Not just any blessing, but a special blessing invoking the exorcism prayers of any item containing the Benedictine medal, another special blessing for all the items containing the Miraculous medal, and a special blessing for rosaries. Most everything else still receives a general blessing. All the blessings are done by the priest who wears his stole while blessing with holy water and holy salt, and who prays all the prayers in Latin. Being present for these blessings is a beautiful experience of the Church's traditions in itself.

I want to thank all of these wonderful women who attended this retreat. Every retreat we offer at Clear Creek Monastery is a bit different because the wonderful people who attend are each different. This retreat was truly a beautiful escape from the craziness of the world because of the prayerful and kind hearts of these ladies!!

If you are interested in a women's retreat before the school year starts up again, please contact us. We will be happy to arrange it and thrilled to share our home away from home!


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