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Avoiding The Sin of the Desert

Sharing the Work of the Holy Spirit, JPII, Retreats, & Clear Creek Monastery

I read a story about a Bedouin shepherd's response to the persistence of a man telling him about Jesus. The shepherd said, "I understand why you are persistent. You do not want to commit the sin of the desert." The man did not understand what the shepherd meant. The Bedouin explained, "The sin of the desert is knowing where there is water but refusing to tell others."

That's just the reason I wanted to share with you a couple of places in which the "springs of water will guide you." (Is. 49:10)

Most of our posts will focus on one of the six states of life found on the homepage of our website; Dating Discernment, Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment, Family & Parenting, Dignity of Woman, Call to Manhood. But every once in while, we just want to share some other wonderful things happening in the world, especially the really great things!

St. John Paul II University Parish in Denton, TX is a parish that is only six years old and doesn’t even have its own building yet. (However, construction has just begun!) The parish was established to meet the spiritual needs of the students attending University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University. Pope St. John Paul II is clearly interceding in the lives of so many at this parish. Even with all the unbelievable things happening in the Catholic Church today, students continue to come to the Catholic campus center to learn more about the Catholic faith and then to join the Church. They’re intellectual students, too. Most of them have already done quite a bit of reading about the faith, real reading; the Church Fathers, Aquinas, Augustine, etc. The Holy Spirit is obviously building His Church even as it seems to be crumbling. Witnessing what is happening at JPII University Parish gives proof to Christ’s promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church. It is really exciting to think about what these new Catholics, who are so excited about the faith, will do for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

A little over a week ago we took a group of new Catholics, who had just joined the Catholic Church in November on the Feast of Christ the King, to Clear Creek Monastery for a Mass & Liturgy Retreat. When asked what they thought about their experience at this holy monastery, one said that it is “other-worldly.” Our thoughts exactly. Another retreatant was amazed at how easy it was to hear God in the quiet that blankets the monastic life, giving it such comfort and security. Clear Creek Monastery is truly a hidden paradise just outside the doors of Heaven, even though it is physically located in northeast Oklahoma, in the foothills of the Ozarks. I invite you to read more about Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey.

This is exactly what we hope to offer to more and more people. The majority of our retreats will fit a little more specifically within our mission of marriage and family, but regardless of the topic, the location will definitely inspire you and offer you the springs of water for which you thirst. Except, it is from a creek rather than a spring. ;)

If you are interested in scheduling a men’s, women’s, marriage, or family retreat to Clear Creek Monastery, we would be happy to lead you to our home away from home. You can privately email us at for more details. Benedicite!

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