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A Merrier Marriage for Christmas!

Week Three - Friday

Prayer Before Communion

Ora / Pray

May the sacrifice of our worship, Lord, we pray, be offered to you unceasingly,

to complete what was begun in sacred mystery and powerfully accomplish for us your saving work. Through Christ our Lord.

Labora / Work

Marriage is a life of unceasing worship. In his letter to the Ephesians, St Paul calls us to “Be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ.” We’re called to this at all times, not just on Sundays. What does this look like in the day to day? It is remembering that Christ is standing just over the shoulder of our spouse. Worship of Christ requires that I love and respect my spouse at all times. His/her behavior does not give me an excuse to be irreverent to Christ by being uncharitable to the spouse He gave to me to help me get to Heaven. Try really hard today to remember who is standing just over your spouse’s shoulder before you make that uncharitable comment, that condescending facial expression, or that complete disregard for his/her feelings or needs. Choosing to do this is a willful choice to show love to your spouse and to show reverence to Christ, thereby living a life of unceasing worship.

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