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A primer on prayer and how to get started from the method given by St. Francis de Sales.

Digging Deep - Suggestions for Group Discussion

  • Is there a good reason not to have a daily prayer life?

    • Is there a requirement of the amount of time to spend in prayer?

  • How does one place themselves in the presence of God?

  • Based on the teaching of this priest, what is the most important thing one can do in this life?

  • Can we get to Heaven without prayer?

  • Can one control what goes on in the mind?

  • Discuss the method of prayer given by St. Francis de Sales

    • Put yourself in the presence of God & ask His help to help you pray well. 

    • Use your imagination to make you aware of the presence of God. 

      • Imagine yourself in a place with God (the Father, The Son, or the Holy Ghost)

    • Consider what you see in your mind. 

      • What is Our Lord doing? What is He saying to you? What is He asking of you? What is He sharing with you? Etc. 

    • Make a specific resolution from the message received from God. 

      • I will do…

    • Conclude with three acts:

      • Thanksgiving - for the meditation, for the gifts in my life, etc

      • Oblation - offer back to Him all that God has given in love

      • Petition - for the needs of others & the needs of yourself

Digging Deeper - Suggestions for Couple Discussion

  • If we are not praying together now, why not?

  • Am I uncomfortable praying with you? If so, why?

  • How can we begin to pray together?

    • The Rosary

    • Morning prayer

    • Night prayer 

    • Grace before & after meals

    • Prayer of Petition

  • How, as your spouse, can I help you establish a committed prayer life?

Digging Deepest - Suggestions for Personal Consideration

  • In light of St. Francis De Sales  quote, “Those who pray are saved, those who do not are damned,” do I understand the necessity for a committed prayer life?

  • What is preventing me from committing to daily prayer?

  • What goal am I going to set to begin tomorrow?


  • Introduction to the Devout Life - St. Francis de Sales

  • Divine Intimacy - Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen

  • The Better Part - Fr. John Bartunek

  • Imitation of Christ - Thomas à Kempis

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