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Cana 40 

A Strengthening & Conditioning Program to Take Your Marriage From a Natural Marriage to a Supernatural Marriage With a Focus on Matrimonial Spirituality

Matrimonial Spirituality is something like the spiritualities of religious orders; Benedictine, Dominican, Franciscan, etc.  Like these religious orders, Matrimonial Spirituality is a method to grow in union with Our Lord.  What is different is that it is also a method to grow in union with our spouse

as we help each other get to Heaven. 

Cana 40 is a 40-day program for couples, most often undertaken during Lent or Advent, but can be done anytime.  Its purpose is as it says, strengthening and conditioning your marriage while growing in Matrimonial Spirituality.  This is a program similar to the popular Exodus 90, but specifically for married couples.  It aids couples in focusing on improvement in their spiritual life as individuals and as a couple, their communication with God and with each other, and their growth in intimacy as they delve more deeply into who their spouse is at his/her core.  

Cana 40 for Lent 2021

Strengthening & Conditioning for Your Marriage


For 40 days add the following Spiritual additions to your life:


  1. Accountability to one another - 1/week visit with each other for a minimum of 30 minutes sharing how Cana 40 is going and any benefits that you have seen.

  2. Make 1 Holy Half Hour by yourself and one Holy Half Hour together each week.

  3. Weekly Focus - A short video with instructions on how to implement Matrimonial Spirituality into your marriage will be emailed each Sunday of Lent, beginning on Ash Wednesday.  Watch the video and then determine, as a couple, how you will implement the content into your marriage with concrete goals. Set one goal for your own spiritual growth and one goal for your marital growth.  (If you have not signed up for the content, click the header above.) 

  4. Daily Focus - At the end of the day do an examination of your day to review how you did on your weekly goal.

  5. Confession - 1/week

  6. Set your alarm to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual.  Spend 15 minutes in prayer each day.  (Help on this will be in the videos.)

  7. Spend 15 minutes doing some kind of movement 3X/week. Ex. walking or running, working in the yard, a sport, etc. (preferable together).

  8. Pray the Rosary daily, occasionally using a Rosary mediation guide.



For 40 days: fast, abstain, & almsgiving


  1. On Wednesdays and Fridays abstain from meat while also fasting for the spiritual needs of your spouse (2 small meals that when combined do not equal the 3rd meal.)

  2. No desserts, sweets, in-between meals, or alcohol except on Sundays [Instead, get moving.  Go for a walk together, do jumping jacks, vacuum, etc.]

  3. No useless surfing on computer or phone (Work and school needs only) [Read a book together, work on a puzzle together or play a game with the family]

  4. No tv/movies/sports except on Sundays, unless it aids in your spiritual growth or knowledge of your faith.  [Instead, see alternatives in #3 above] 

  5. No music except that which lifts your heart to God. 

  6. Choose someone to whom you will give a little extra money.  Almsgiving isn't giving what is easy to give.  Give a little more during Lent than you normally would causing you to have to spend a little less somewhere else.  

You can do this!  And you'll be so glad that you did!! We are in a time like no other in history that couples must strengthen and condition their marriages to stay the course to Heaven and to grow along the way! 

You got this!


Introduction to Cana 40 - Lent 2021